New Year, New Dreams – MARCH to “DO”

Starting a new year is both exciting and scary. Exciting because it feels like a fresh start, a new platform for opportunity, goals and CHANGE. Yet, at the same time being frightening because of the instant pressure we feel to be better, be bigger, do more, see more, create more, accomplish MORE. For example, here I am in March speaking about a “new year”… didn’t that start January 1st? But of course life gets in the way and two months fly by in the blink of an eye.

Nevertheless, here I am… I’m HERE, present in this moment, writing this entry and creating a band new site, a new platform to be creative, to showcase creativity; another way to share my voice in various ways. I’m actually DOING instead of just thinking of all the ways I can “DO”.

It’s a rainy day at Starbucks, but my inspirations are everything but gloom. Feels somewhat like the sun is shining, like I’m accomplishing, like I’m taking a moment to really feel what I feel without the day to day rush of the world and distractions.

I hope with my words, with my music, with my honestly, I can inspire you to DO the same. The theme of the month of March is to DO!

Ready, set, Do it up!



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